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Detailed Conference Programs

Presentation time: 25 min (incl. 5 min Q&A) for both Regular paper and Short paper


Main Conference Day 1: January 18 (Monday), 2021



08:30 - 09:00, January 18 (Monday), 2021

Chair: Wookey Lee, Inha University, Korea


Keynote Speech 1

09:00 – 10:15, January 18 (Monday), 2021

Chair: U Kang, Seoul National University, Korea

  • Rising Demand for Vehicle Data and Its Impact on Mobile Computing, Security and Privacy Research

Kang G. Shin, U of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, USA


Tutorial 1

10:45 – 12:30, January 18 (Monday), 2021

Chair: Prof. Se-Young Yun, KAIST

  • Large-scale Deep Learning for Electronic Health Records

Edward Choi, KAIST, Korea


Session 1: Big Computing

10:45 – 12:30, January 18 (Monday), 2021

Chair: Chul-Yun Kim, Sookmyung Woomen’s University, Korea

  • Trade-Off Analysis Between Parallelism and Accuracy of SLIC on Apache Spark [regular]

Gang-Min Park, Yong Seok Heo and Hyuk-Yoon Kwon

  • Expressive Rule Pattern Based Compression with Ranking in Horn Rules on RDF Style KB [regular]

Tangina Sultana and Young-Koo Lee

  • Partial Tiering: A Hybrid Merge Policy for Log Structured Key-Value Stores [short]

Hoyoung Lee, Minho Lee and Young Ik Eom

  • A Complete and Fast Scraping Method for Collecting Tweets [short]

Jaebeom You, Jaekyu Lee and Hyuk-Yoon Kwon


Tutorial 2

14:00 – 15:45, January 18 (Monday), 2021

Chair: Prof. Yang-Sae Moon, Kangwon National University

  • Knowledge Graph Embedding: Methods and Applications

Joyce Jiyoung Whang, KAIST, Korea


Session 2: Big Data Application 1

14:00 – 15:45, January 18 (Monday), 2021

Chair: Ho-Jin Choi, KAIST, Korea

  • Task-oriented Approach to Guide Visually Impaired People During Smart Device Usage [regular]

Peerapon Akkapusit and In-Young Ko

  • Hand and Fingertip Detection for Game-Based Hand Rehabilitation [regular]

Nattarika Potigutsai and Ohm Sornil

  • DeepTrace: Improving Pandemic Health Care by Identifying Disparities and Determinants [short]

Jinwei Liu, Richard Alo and Yohn Jairo Parra Bautista

  • Behavior Analysis of Pandemic Source Media Communications [short]

Yohn Jairo Parra Bautista, Jinwei Liu and Richard Aló


Session 3A: Machine Learning 1

16:15 – 17:30, January 18 (Monday), 2021

Chair: Young-Ho Park, Sookmyung Women’s University, Korea

  • Intelligent Teaching Evaluation System Integrating Facial Expression and Behavior Recognition in Teaching Video [regular]

Zheng Chen, Meiyu Liang, Wanying Yu, Yongkang Huang and Xiaoxiao Wang

  • Adversarial Signal Augmentation for CNN-LSTM to Classify Impact Noise in Automobiles [regular]

Seok-Jun Bu, Hyung-Jun Moon and Sung-Bae Cho

  • Minipatch Learning as Implicit Ridge-Like Regularization [short]

Tianyi Yao, Daniel LeJeune, Hamid Javadi, Richard G. Baraniuk and Genevera I. Allen


Session 3B: Machine Learning II

16:15 – 17:30, January 18 (Monday), 2021

Chair: Woo-young Kwon, WiseNut, Korea

  • A Neighborhood Deep Neural Network Model using Sliding Window for Stock Price Prediction [regular]

Huyen Giang Thi Thu, Thuy Nguyen Thanh and Tai Le Quy

  • MP-Boost: Minipatch Boosting via Adaptive Feature and Observation Sampling [short]

Mohammad Taha Toghani and Genevera I. Allen

  • Personalized Customer Churn Analysis with Long Short-Term Memory [short]

Ahmet Tugrul Bayrak, Asmin Alev Aktas, Okan Tunail, Orkun Susuz and Nese Abbak



Main Conference Day 2: January 19 (Tuesday), 2021


Panel 1

09:15 – 10:45, January 19 (Tuesday), 2021

Chair:  Steven Euijong Whang, KAIST, Korea

  • Explainability in Big Data Analysis: essential, redundant or nice to have

Panel lists: Jian Pei, Simon Fraser University, Canada

Stephan Pareigis, Hamburg University of Applied Science, Germany

Tok Wang Ling, National University of Singapore, Singapore

Sael Lee, Ajou University, Korea

Ho-Jin Choi, KAIST, Korea


Keynote Speech 2

11:15 – 12:30, January 19 (Tuesday), 2021

Chair: Hwanjo Yu, Postech, Korea

  • Practicing the Art of Data Science

Jian Pei, Simon Fraser University, Canada


Session 4A: Big Data Application 2

14:00 – 16:10, January 19 (Tuesday), 2021

Chair: Woong-Kee Loh, Gachon University, Korea

  • Generate Individually Optimized Blendshapes [regular]

Ju Hee Han, Jee-In Kim, Hyungseok Kim and Jang Won Suh

  • Industrial Fault Diagnosis using Hilbert Transform and Texture Features [regular]

Mahe Zabin, Jia Uddin, Ho-Jin Choi, Md. Hasan Furhad and Abu.Barkat Ullah

  • Bigdata Enabled Realtime Crowd Surveillance Using Artificial Intelligence And Deep Learning [short]

Logesh Rajendran and Shyam Shankaran R

  • A Decentralized Game Theoretic Approach for Energy-aware Resource Management in Federated Learning [short]

Chit Wutyee Zaw and Choong Seon Hong

  • Discovering Business Problems Using Problem Hypotheses: A Goal-Oriented and Machine Learning-Based Approach [short]

Robert Ahn, Ronaldo Junior Goncalves, Tom Hill, Lawrence Chung, Sam Supakkul and Liping Zhao


Session 4B: Text & Natural Language

14:00 – 16:10, January 19 (Tuesday), 2021

Chair: Young-Kuk Kim, Chungnam National University, Korea

  • Generative Pre-training for Paraphrase Generation by Representing and Predicting Spans in Exemplars [regular]

Tien-Cuong Bui, Van-Duc Le, Hai-Thien To and Sang Kyun Cha

  • Cluster-aware Semantic Vector Learning using BERT in Natural Language Understanding [regular]

Sangkeun Jung and Sungsu Lim

  • How to Prevent Cross-texting in Mobile Messengers Using Honorifics Features in Korean Text [regular]

Da-Young Lee and Hwan-Gue Cho

  • Performance Comparison of Spoken Language Detection Models with Embedding Replacement [short]

Hyeonjong Kim, Juhong Namgung, Siwoon Son, Myeong-Seon Gil and Yang-Sae Moon

  • Inaugural Speech Classification with Named Entities and Key Phrases [short]

Seungjin Lim and Hyoil Han


Keynote Speech 3

17:00 – 18:15, January 19 (Tuesday), 2021

Chair: Herwig Unger, University of Hagen, Germany

  • Autonomous systems in smart cities

Stephan Pareigis, Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, Germany




Main Conference Day 3: January 20 (Wednesday), 2021


Panel 2

09:15 – 10:45, January 20 (Wednesday), 2021

Chair:  Alfredo Cuzzocrea, University of Calabria, Italy

  • Big Data Lakes: Models, Frameworks, and Techniques

Panel lists: Boualem Benatallah, UNSW, Australia

Angela Bonifati, University of Lyon 1, France

Carson Leung, University of Manitoba, Canada

Jian Yang, Macquarie University, Australia


Session 5A: Machine Learning III

11:15 – 12:30, January 20 (Wednesday), 2021

Chair: Hyuk-Yoon Kwon, Seoul National University of Science and Technology, Korea

  • Attention on Personalized Clinical Decision Support System: Federated Learning Approach [regular]

Chu Myaet Thwal, Kyi Thar, Ye Lin Tun and Choong Seon Hong

  • Input Bias in Rectified Gradients and Modified Saliency Maps[short]

Lennart Brocki and Neo Christopher Chung

  • Comparison and Analysis of Embedding Methods for Patent Documents [short]

Arousha Haghighian Roudsari, Jafar Afshar, Suan Lee and Wookey Lee


Session 5B: Machine Learning IV

11:15 – 12:30, January 20 (Wednesday), 2021

Chair: Joonho Kwon, Pusan National University, Korea

  • Shotifier: A Binary Shot Conversion Classifier Pipeline for Football Forwards [regular]

Ashish Chouhan, Ajinkya Prabhune, Ankit Raj, Darshan Chandra, Sindhu Subramanya, Mahaveer Asangi and Sree Ganesh Thottempudi

  • Federated Learning based Energy Demand Prediction with Clustered Aggregation [short]

Ye Lin Tun, Kyi Thar, Chu Myaet Thwal and Choong Seon Hong

  • Dual-pathway Attention based Supervised Adversarial Hashing for Cross-modal Retrieval [short]

Xiaoxiao Wang, Meiyu Liang and Xiaowen Cao and Junping Du


Session 6A: Data Mining I

14:00 – 15:45, January 20 (Wednesday), 2021

Chair: Ha-Myung Park, Kookmin University, Korea

  • VEST: Very Sparse Tucker Factorization of Large-Scale Tensors [regular]

Moonjeong Park, Jun-Gi Jang and Lee Sael

  • Realistic Indoor Trajectory Generation Based on Delaunay Graph [regular]

Passaniti Davide, Lutfillohonov Shahrullohon and Joonho Kwon

  • A Hub-based Graph Management for Efficient Repetition Path Traversing [short]

Kazuma Kusu and Kenji Hatano

  • Predicting Revenues of Seoul Commercial Alley using Neural Tensor Factorization [short]

Minkyu Kim and Suan Lee


Session 6B: Data Mining II

14:00 – 15:45, January 20 (Wednesday), 2021

Chair: Suan Lee, Inha University, Korea

  • Air Quality Prediction with 1-Dimensional Convolution and Attention on Multi-modal Features [regular]

Junyoung Choi, Joonyoung Kim and Kyomin Jung

  • Discovering Research Areas from Patents: A Case Study in Autonomous Vehicles Industry [regular]

Jindeuk Ko and Jooyeoun Lee

  • Topological Data Analysis for Classification of Heart Disease Data [short]

Fatima Ail Aljanobi and Jeongkyu Lee

  • Easy Data Augmentation for Improved Malware Detection: A Comparative Study [short]

Jangseong Bae and Changki Lee


Session 7A: Smart Computing I

16:15 – 17:30, January 20 (Wednesday), 2021

Chair: Steven E. Whang, KAIST, Korea

  • A Secure and Efficient Query Processing Algorithm Over Encrypted Database in Cloud Computing [regular]

Hyeong-Jin Kim, Hyeon-Jo Lee and Jae-Woo Chang

  • Preventing Enclave Malware with Intermediate Enclaves on Semi-honest Cloud Platforms

Soo Jung Moon, Hoorin Park and Wonjun Lee

  • Smart Energy Management System based on Reconfigurable AI Chip and Electrical Vehicles [regular]

Huakun Huang, Mark Ogbodo, Zhishang Wang, Chen Qiu, Masayuki Hisada and Abderazek Ben Abdallah


Session 7B: Smart Computing II

16:15 – 17:30, January 20 (Wednesday), 2021

Chair: Jinhong Jung, Seoul National University, Korea

  • Smartphone Sensor Data Augmentation for Automatic Road Surface Assessment Using a Small Training Dataset [regular]

Budi Darma Setiawan, Uwe Imre Serdült and Victor Kryssanov

  • A Crowd-enabled Task Execution Approach in UAV Networks Towards Fog Computing [regular]

Shashi Raj Pandey, Kitae Kim, Madyan Alsenwi, Yan Kyaw Tun and Choong Seon Hong

  • A multi-objective optimization framework for online ridesharing system [regular]

Hamed Javidi, Dan Simon, Ling Zhu and Yan Wang




Detailed Workshop Program


Workshop Day 1: January 17 (Sunday), 2021


WS1: The Second International Workshop on Conceptual Modeling for Big Data and Smart Computing (C-Modeling 2021)


Organizers: Tok Wang Ling (National University of Singapore, Singapore), Il-Yeol Song (Drexel University, USA), Wookey Lee (Inha University, Korea)


Session I (Chair: Prof. Il-Yeol Song, Drexel Univ., USA)

09:00 - 09:50

  • Invited talk1: Community Discovery over Big Graphs

Chaokun Wang (Tsinghua University, China)


09:50 - 10:10

  • Features Conceptual modeling for big transportation analytics towards smart city

Carson K.S. Leung (University of Manitoba, Canada)


10:10 - 10:30

  • Recent Trends in Context-aware Emotion Recognition

Sudarshan Pant, Guee sang Lee, Soo hyung Kim, Hyung-Jeong Yang (Chonnam National University, Korea)


10:30 - 10:50

  • An OpenMP-based Parallel Execution of NNEF

Nakhoon Baek (Kyongpook National University, Korea)


10:50 - 11:00

  • Coffee break


Session II (Chair: Prof. Wookey Lee, Inha Univ., Korea)

11:00 - 11:50

  • Invited talk2: Towards Effective Temporal RDB Keyword Search Using ORA-Semantics

Tok Wang Ling (National University of Singapore, Singapore)


11:50 - 12:40

  • Invited talk3: A Software Architecture Aspect Modeling for Microservice Development

Eunmi Choi (Kookmin University, Korea)



WS5: The Fourth International Workshop on Dialog Systems (IWDS 2021)


Organizers: Chae-Gyun Lim (KAIST, Korea), Jonghwan Hyeon (KAIST, Korea), Young-Seob Jeong (Soonchunhyang University, Korea), Qiang Ma (Kyoto University, Japan), Ho-Jin Choi (KAIST, Korea)


09:00 – 19:00, January 17 (Sunday), 2021

  • QUARC: Quaternion Multi-Modal Fusion Architecture For Hate Speech Classification

Deepak Kumar, Nalin Kumar, and Subhankar Mishra (National Institute of Science Education and Research)

  • Text Style Transfer Using DRG Framework of Combined Retrieval Strategy

Na-Dan Hong(Naver corp), Qiang Ma(Kyoto university), and Young-Seob Jeong(Soonchunhyang university)

  • Comparative Study of Emotion Annotation Approaches in Korean Dialogue

Young-Jun Lee, and Ho-Jin Choi (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)

  • Pattern-Wise Embedding System for Scalable Time-series Database

Changha Lee, Seong-Hwan Kim, and Chan-Hyun Youn (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)

  • A Framework of Callbot for Dialogue Process in Seperated Network

Kyo-Joong Oh(Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology), Jiha Song(Leevi Corp. LTD.), Hweongak An(Leevi Corp. LTD.), and Ho-Jin Choi(Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)

  • A Modular Data-Driven Architecture for Empathetic Conversational Agents

Vincenzo Scotti, Roberto Tedesco, and Licia Sbattella (Politecnico di Milano)

  • Generating Temporal Relation Candidates Based on Open-domain Relation in Clinical Notes

Chae-Gyun Lim, and Ho-Jin Choi(Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)



WS3: The First International Workshop on VOICE Artificial Intelligence (VOICE AI 2021)


Organizers: Wookey Lee (Inha University, Korea)


Invited Talk (14:00 - 15:10, Chair: Wookey Lee)

14:00 - 14:05

  • Welcoming address

Wookey Lee (Inha University, Korea)

14:05 - 14:35

  • Invited talk1: Effects of perceptual training and articulatory instruction on the production of L2 sounds and intonation

Ho-Young Lee (Seoul National University, Korea)

14:35 - 15:05

  • Invited talk2: Deep Learning-Based Affective Virtual TA Service Chatbot

Ho-Jin Choi (KAIST, Korea)

15:05 - 15:10

  • Coffee break


Session 1 (15:10 - 16:40, Chair: Bong Sup Shim)

15:10 - 15:30

  • Flexible electronic sensor systems towards artificial intelligence towards wearable sensor healthcare and human

Sunkook Kim(Sungkyunkwan University, Korea)

15:30 - 15:50

  • Flexible and Wearable PEDOT-Paper Pressure Sensor for Detecting Human Voice

Busra Ozlu and Bong Sup Shim (Inha University, Korea)

15:50 - 16:10

  • How does human produce and control the voice?

Jeong-Seok Choi, Ji Won Kim and Young-Mo Kim (Inha University, Korea)

16:10 - 16:30

  • Artificial Intelligence and machine learning in the otolaryngology (ENT) area

Ji Won Kim, Young-Mo Kim and Jeong-Seok Choi (Inha University, Korea)

16:30 - 16:40

  • Coffee break


Session 2 (16:40 - 18:00, Chair: Suan Lee)

16:40 - 17:00

  • Production and Perception of Korean Vowels by Egyptian Learners

Sarah Benjamin and Ho-Young Lee (Seoul National University, Korea)

17:00 - 17:20

  • Multi-TALK: Multi-Microphone Cross-Tower Network for Jointly Suppressing Acoustic Echo and Background Noise

Song-Kyu Park and Joon-Hyuk Chang (Hanyang University, Korea)

17:20 - 17:40

  • Sparse Feature Learning for Human Activity Recognition

Shan Ullah and Deok-Hwan Kim (Inha University, Korea)

17:40 - 18:00

  • A Study on the Multilingual Speech Synthesis for Korean Voice Cloning

Jiwon Seong, Wookey Lee and Suan Lee (Inha University, Korea)



WS2: The First International Workshop on Big Data and Smart Computing for Military and Defense Technology (BigDefense 2021)

Location: Online

Organizers: Young-guk Ha (Konkuk University, Korea), Chang-eun Lee (ETRI, Korea), Woo-young Kwon (WiseNut)


14:00 – 19:00, January 17 (Sunday), 2021

  • STFNet: Image Classification Model Based on Balanced Texture and Shape Features

Kyu-hong Hwang, Ho-rim Park and Young-guk Ha (Konkuk University)

  • An Object Detection Model Robust to Out-of-Distribution Data

Ho-rim Park, Kyu-hong Hwang and Young-guk Ha (Konkuk University)

  • Multi-Reference Based Target Tracking for TDOA Systems

Jaeuk Baek, ChangEun Lee and Sangjoon Park (ETRI)

  • Experimental Analysis Based on Binary Classification to Distinguish the Authenticity of Text with Social Network Data

Seungwon Do and Junseong Bang (ETRI)

  • Learning Video Correspondence for Target Tracking

Jin-mo Choi, Jeany Son, Vladimirov Blagovest and Sangjoon Park (ETRI)

  • Hidden Enemy Visualization using Fast Panoptic Segmentation on Battlefields

Jeany Son, Soyeon Lee (ETRI)

  • Simulated Intensity Rendering of 3D LiDAR using Generative Adversarial Network

Seung-chan Mok and Gon-Woo Kim (Chungbuk National University)

  • Mapless Navigation with Deep Reinforcement Learning based on The Convolutional Proximal Policy Optimization Network

Nguyen Duc Toan and Gon-Woo Kim (Chungbuk National University)

  • Solid-State LiDAR-Based SLAM: A Concise Review and Application

Dinh Van Nam and Gon-Woo Kim (Chungbuk National University)

  • Multiple 3D LiDARs Extrinsic Parameter Estimation Method Using Plane Features

Dohyeong Kim and Gon-Woo Kim (Chungbuk National University)

  • Knee injury prevention algorithm based on portable motion capture

Kundo Lee, Hyung-Soon Park (KAIST)





Workshop Day 2: January 20 (Wednesday), 2021


WS4: The Second Workshop on Multimodal, Expeditive, Generative and Actionable AI (MAGA AI 2021)

Location: Online

Organizers: Jee-Hyong Lee (Sungkyunkwan University, Korea), Jae-Young Choi (Sungkyunkwan University, Korea)


09:15 – 12:30, January 20 (Wednesday), 2021

  • A Peer Learning Method for Building Robust Text Classification Models

Hyun-Kyu Jeon, Yun-Gyung Cheong (Sungkyunkwan Univ.)

  • Source Model Selection for Transfer Learning of Image Classification using Supervised Contrastive Loss

Young-Seong Cho, Samuel Kim, Jee-Hyong Lee (Sungkyunkwan Univ.)

  • 10.76 TOPS/W CNN Algorithm Circuit using Processor-In-Memory with 8T-SRAM

Kyung Do Park, Dong Gyun Kim, Young Gun Pu, Kang-Yoon Lee (Sungkyunkwan Univ.)

  • Regularization with Multiple Feature Combination for Few-Shot Learning

Su Been Lee, Jun Ho Park, Ji Young Kim, Seung Yeol Lee, Jae-Pil Heo (Sungkyunkwan Univ.)

  • An Empirical Study for Class Imbalance in Extreme Multi-label Text Classification

Sangwoo Han, Chan Lim, Bonggeon Cha, Jongwuk Lee (Sungkyunkwan Univ.)

  • CHNE: Context-aware Heterogeneous Network Embedding

Jihyeong Park (Kangwon National Univ.), Suan Lee (Inha Univ.), Jinho Kim (Kangwon National Univ.)



WS7: The Second International Workshop on Social Health in the Era of Big Data (SHEBD 2021)

Location: Online

Organizers: Min Song (Yonsei University, Korea), Joonhwan Lee (Seoul National University, Korea), Youngjin Yoo (Case Western Reserve University, USA)


09:15 – 12:30, January 20 (Wednesday), 2021

  • Similarity as a Safe Haven: The Moderating Role of Regulatory Focus in the Relationship between Similarity and Marital Satisfaction

Jeong Eun Cheon & Young-Hoon Kim

  • “How Users Explain their Symptoms?” : Text-based network of physical symptoms for the precise online symptom checking

Gyuho Lee, Youjin Hwang and Joonhwan Lee

  • Spatiotemporal Analysis of Opioid Poisoning Mortality in Ohio and New York State from 2010 to 2016

Kaige Gao, Youngjin Yoo and Tae Hyun Hwang

  • The Effects of Work-family Multi-Role Negative Experiences on Children's Psychological Anxiety and Sociality: Focused on Mother's Parenting Attitude and Parental Efficacy

Minjung Cha

  • Deep learning-based social media text depressive tendency classification using additional features

Seojeong Park, Soobin Lee and Seongdeok Kim

  • Hypothesis Generation Study based on Literature-Based Discovery (LBD) between Xanthium ingredients and Diabetes

Gyuri Song, Yuri Ahn, Jaeyoung Choi, Heeyoung Kim, A. F. Syafiandini and Yeawon Lee

  • The Korean Corpus on Social Media for Automatic Detection of Panic Disorder

Seongdeok Kim, Soobin Lee, Juhee Lee and Youngsoo Ko

  • Social media based depression/bipolar corpus for named entity recognition and relation extraction

Hyelin Park, Chaemin Song, Hyunchul Cho, Seongdeok Kim and Jeeyoung Yoon

  • Pattern Analysis of Acknowledgments to Measure Scientific Contributions

 Go Eun Heo

  • The effect of music listening on emotion regulation: Measuring self-report and HRV responses of emotional states

Jung Yun Lee and Minhee Kim

  • An Anonymous Network Propagation Model to Detect Covid-19 Risks

Youngjin Yoo, Erman Ayday, & Anisa Halimi



WS6: The First International Workshop on Science & Technology Policy for Bigdata & AI Computing (STP Comp 2021)

Location: RUBY HALL

Organizers: Joo-Yeon Lee (Ajou University, Korea)


Invited Talk (14:00 - 15:10, Chair: Sung-Joo Lee)

14:00 - 14:05

  • Welcoming address

Joo-Yeoun Lee(Ajou University, Korea)

14:05 - 14:35

  • Invited talk1: SPIS and SPRU - Exploring the field of 'science policy and innovation studies (SPIS)' and a brief introduction to SPRU

Young-Ha Chang(Sussex University, UK)

14:35 - 15:05

  • Invited talk2: Direction of Human Resources Development in National Science and Technology

Kyu-Dong Kim(KIRD, Korea)

15:05 - 15:10

  • Coffee break


Session 1 (15:10 - 16:20, Chair: Myoung-Suk, Chung)

15:10 - 15:30

  • Response of the National Institute of Science and Technology in the 4th Industrial Revolution

Myoung-Ae Chung(ETRI, Korea)

15:30 - 15:50

  • Searching for Rules of Early Innovation Adoption

Chang-geun Yun, Hyang-won Kwon, Seong-bin Pak, Sang-seok Bae, Seo-yong Kim(Ajou University, Korea)

15:50 - 16:10

  • Investigating the contribution of users to technological innovation

Youngjae Choi, Sung-Joo Lee (Ajou University, Korea)

16:10 - 16:20

  • Coffee break


Session 2 (16:20 - 17:25, Chair: Young-Seo Song)

16:20 - 16:40

  • Policy for building safety accident prevention system using beacon-based technology: Focused on school safety policy cases

Myoung Sug Chung, Gi-Hyun Lee, and Joo-Yeoun Lee

16:40 - 17:00

  • Digital Healthcare Industry and Trends

Jeong-Hyeon Han, and Joo-Yeoun Lee

17:00 - 17:20

  • Policy and Trend analysis for the creation of IP convergence content cluster

Uri Chae, In-Soo Lee, and Joo-Yeoun Lee

17:20 - 17:25

  • Closing remarks

Joo-Yeoun Lee



All questions about submissions should be emailed to chairs JooYeoun Lee(jooyeoun325@ajou.ac.kr) or YoungSeo Song(drsong4@gmail.com).





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